Owning a house can be the biggest purchase in your life, and we want to invest in you to help you make the right decision! Reach out to learn about how we educate our buyers upfront! We invest in you!

Buying a Home

Hear a bit about the home buying process

Buying Process






Build a Partnership

We believe in investing in relationships upfront to better understand our clients.  We want to get to know you over a cup of coffee, a walk around a lake, or a virtual meeting to understand how we can work best with one another. Together, we’ll build a trustworthy relationship and begin to look at market trends for your specific home.

We want to get a detailed understanding of what you’re looking for, and frankly, a detailed understanding of who you are in order for us to offer insights that you may not think of.

Home Search

Searching for your perfect home can seem overwhelming and nerve-racking. We have a system in place to narrow-in and focus on your specific wants and needs. Oftentimes this starts with a review of sold properties that match your interests. We have great knowledge on older houses, and will point out any pitfalls we see. We believe that it’s up to us to show you the negatives as well as the positives in the houses we visit. It’s our job to help take away the stress by showing you houses that fit your needs, budget, and lifestyle. Searching for a home isn’t just about finding a wonderful place for you and your family to live, it also should be an enjoyable and fun process. We love bringing the energy to the home search!

Make an Offer

Whether we are finding an off-market property for our buyers, or negotiating terms on a property with multiple offers, we bring a wealth of knowledge. It isn’t always the highest offer that gets accepted; our relationships in the industry and knowledge of how to win in a competitive environment puts our clients in an ideal position to get their offers accepted! After a small celebration, our team gets right back to work, because this is just the beginning of your home buying process!

Home Inspection

Inspections are a critical part of buying a home. Inspecting the home doesn’t just start after you have an offer accepted. During showings, we will comb through the house to point out things that may become issues down the road. We want to make sure that you have all the information (the good, the bad, and definitely the ugly) before making one of the biggest purchases of your life! We do business with the best inspectors in the Twin Cities, who work with integrity while investigating the major aspects of the home.


Get ready to pop some bubbly. Closing is the day when all our hard work is realized. We have a fantastic group of lenders and title companies that we rely on to create a smooth process, as well as our in-house executive assistant. We know your experience leading up to this point is critical to our success, and we aim to make all the paperwork as painless as possible. We have your back throughout the process, and well beyond! We consider you part of our community, and encourage our past clients to reach out for vendor referrals, tips, and remodeling advice. We continue to be here to serve you!

We are here to do right by you!

This is your house!