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We work with our sellers to sell their property for top dollar, faster and on better terms than our competitors. Learn how we do it below!

Selling Process

1. Visit home

2. Prepare for market

3. List & Market

4. Review Offers & Negotiate

5. Navigate Sale

6. Celebrate

Home Visit and Consultation

With your house in mind, we’ll have market research ready to show you during your first consultation, whether it’s at your house or via a virtual meeting. We want to understand what’s most important to you; plus, we love hearing the story behind the house! There are aspects of the house we’ll want to emphasize, as well as areas that might require bringing in our partners to improve on.

Prepare for Market

We have a wide array of contractors, stagers, photographers, cleaners, and handymen at our disposal, to take care of anything you may have been putting off. We believe that in order to offer the best service for our clients, we need to add value to you, and perhaps more importantly, add value to the house. We know what our clients value when buying a home, and we are going to do everything possible to get you the highest and best terms on the market. Everyday living in your house, and having your house “show-ready”, are two widely different things; we’ll help bridge that gap.

List and Market

It is critical to correctly market your house. First, we’ll define our target audience for our marketing campaign, and focus on getting people through the door the first weekend after listing. We have developed industry-leading and proven marketing tactics to bring in buyers. We make sure to create a great experience for them when they enter the house, so they’ll leave with a great and lasting impression.

Review Offers and Negotiate

Having a realtor vested in your best interest means negotiating for you. Our job doesn’t stop when we get an offer, we continue to advocate for you. We work together to navigate the potential buyer and agent, so we can ready the situation to bring you the best outcome. Once a purchase agreement is signed, we continue to work through any buyer requests that might be made, based on the inspection

Navigate Sale

After negotiations, we’ll navigate you through all the details of the paperwork, and be available to answer any questions you have about closing. We work with the best in the industry from title companies, to executive assistants, to be able to deliver you a smooth process. We are also there to celebrate with you at the end!


Yes! We did it, and we are there every step of the way and after. Whether you are buying your next property or not, we are still here and you are part of our community! We love getting our clients across the finish line, but we are here to take care of the people behind the houses. We are available whether you are actively selling or just need insights all all things housing. Reach out to us today via Text or Book a consultation!

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